Searching for  Office Services  and High Speed Broadband
in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand?

Wanaka's Original Internet cafe lounge is Located upstairs 3 Helwick Street in Lake Wanaka, NZ, serving the Wanaka community and Lake Wanaka Tourism for over 15 years. Wanaka Internet offers super fast VDSL High Speed Broadband Internet, easy access Computers, Offices Services: print, scan, copy, fax, Technical Support, Wi-Fi wireless Hotspot loungecafe, Internet cafe services, Internet TV: sports, movies, music and Console Gaming featuring Xbox 360 popular games.

Fast Easy Access Computers are equipped with headsets and webcams for voice of internet (VoIP). Computers have essential office software and run all major web applications from email to social networking. USB, portable hard drives, cd/dvd and camera cards are all supported. Technical support is available from friendly and knowledable on-site service staff.

Offices Services at Wanaka Internet include: Printing, Copying, Scanning, Faxing and Laminating. Print and copy both A3 and A4 documents in full colour or black and white. Scan both A3 and A4 documents to be stored on USB portable hard drives or uploaded by email and other cloud based web applications. Laminate documents to protect and preserve. Fax documents throughout NZ or easily fax to any country worldwide. Burn CD's and DVD's. Convert and Transfer all types of data formats.

Convenient Location upstairs 3 Helwick Street
Wanaka, New Zealand 9305
Tel:  +643 443 7429 Fax:  +643 443 7212

AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi is a VDSL high speed broadband Internet wifi hotspot covering the Lake Wanaka waterfront and portions of the local Wanaka central business district CBD. Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Coverage for AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi is waterfront locations on both sides of the Log Cabin Info Centre reaching about 300 metres in all directions and along Adrmore, Helwick and Dungarvon streets cafe bars. Get wireless hotspot coverage and super fast Internet connections from AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Competitive Rates with large time and no data caps for purchase from Wanaka Internet cafe. Low cost high value pricing plans with accummulated timecodes are popular with local's in Wanaka and with travellers to Lake Wanaka because they offer great value high speed Internet access. Log in and log out of the Internet session saving time to the minute. Use time and data over a 90 day time period.

Seaonal Internet passes are now available from Wanaka Internet with unlimited time and  no data caps. Use a fast computer or best quality AAA wifi in wanaka 24/7.

Free Internet and Free Wi-Fi are not available services. AAA Internet in Wanaka is an excellent quality local service with good value for money. Support local business in Wanaka and avoid free wifi offerings where people are often dissapointed by slow speed, low data allowances and limited customer support. Get super fast connections at Wanaka's orginal Internet cafe aka Wanakaweb and Email Upstairs. Don't settle for less, get the best local Internet with local service and techincal support. All devices are supported. Go local and charge your phone, camera and computer devices in our comfy i-cafe i-lounge while using VDSL super fast broadband connections with friendly support.

Contact: Tel. +643 443 7429  Fax. +643 443 7212

Do you have an Apple phone / tablet or other device that needs fixing?  Or just need some technical support?  Pop in to Wanaka Internet and if we can't help we'll put you in touch with someone that can. 

Wanaka Internet's facility is
Safe, Clean and Comfortable . Enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate while browsing super fast Internet. Take care of essential business uitilizing our office services centre in Wanaka, New Zealand with high speed broadband and super fast Internet connections. Charge your devices and relax in  comfortable lounge chairs or utilize a private space with a desk, electricity supply and LAN connections.

AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi Hotspot is a fast and convenient connection for locals and tourists in Wanaka. VDSL high speed wireless broadband is super fast mobile Internet available on the Lake Wanaka Waterfront and Wanaka NZ central business district CBD. Buy timecodes from Wanaka Internet cafe lounge. AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi is a wireless hotspot available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Multiple access points in Wanaka on the water front and in the central business area make fast connections easy and convenient. Not a Free Internet service but AAA Wanaka Wi-Fi is an excellent quality service with low cost for Lake Wanaka tourism searching for high quality Wi-Fi Hotspots but not free Internet.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:  9am - 6pm
Saturday:  10am - 5pm
Sunday:  10am- 4pm